Australia's Hottest Strippers


Make your bucks party night one to remember.


Here is what we offer:

Glamour Topless - A lot of people want boobs with their beers, but not tits down to their knees. I only have a few topless and they are glamorous. Don't believe me then go to Maxine's Girls.


Straight Strip - A basic strip, which lasts for fifteen minutes. A great starter for the evening. It sure breaks the ice.


Raunchy Strip - A straight strip only hotter. The girl will show you more and use cream and get some poor guy from the crowd and make a mess of him. Great for getting a buck or some guy from the office.


Strawberries and Cream - Leave the diet behind you for the night. Make sure you don't eat too much for dinner as a beautiful woman is going to give you the hottest desert you have ever had.


Bubble Bath Show - The girls have been working hard and they need a break and they need a little bath to wash up and clean all those hard to reach places - want to help!


Vibrator Show - A thirty-minute show that will leave you buzzing with excitement. If you need more explanation read the words Vibrator once more. Some places will tell you about hot vibrators and normal vibrators - all my girls are hot so I don't need to bother.


Lesbians - Doing what only lesbians can do, licking, vibrators, double enders, and more.


Private Video Porn Star - We have had the foreign imitators now see what a good Australian girl does in the most explicit Private movie. Book her to see the movie in real life in your lounge room.




If you want to book any of these fine acts then contact me and we can discuss a price, which is suitable to all of us. Any large booking is eligible for a special discount, which is open to negotiation.


Please ask me about my special offers and prizes including new release x-rated movies, vouchers to Melbourne’s Best Brothel for some free sex and much, much more.